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CPG industry and retail facing new challenges

    • Since the advent of e-Commerce and new digital uses in stores, consumer habits have evolved to integrate multi-channel into the purchasing process.
    • The objective of distributors is to move from a mass-market approach to more personalized offers. The brands that will perform best will create emotion to create commitment and attachment.
    • The challenge for manufacturers is to integrate this trade-marketing approach into their relationship with distributors.
    • The attractiveness of a sales space is a day-to-day challenge. This makes it possible to build up a customer base and build loyalty. But using the old methods is no longer enough.
    • It is becoming essential to propose trade-marketing strategies, integrating the consumer experience into recommendations, and highlighting products through visual merchandising.
    • The trade-marketer must therefore combine a quantitative approach with a qualitative approach (visual merchandising and brand marketing) to optimize and sublimate the exhibition areas in every store size.
    • A real driver of B-to-B growth, Trade-Marketing enables manufacturers to regain the lead in managing retail space in store.
    • Changes in distribution are forcing retailers and manufacturers to create synergies and create new sales experiences for the consumer, which has become more volatile.
    • The right product, in the right place, at the right time, at the right price… with the best consumer experience. This is the new basis for strategic reflection

Cloud VR Solution

Add a strategic dimension to your in-store concepts

Launch Klee 3D immersion for your retail presence. Share virtual store online and reach new market opportunities.


The only solution for a realistic view of stores in 3D

Klee 3D allows you to highlight, test, share your promotions and merchandising plans in an attractive way.


Integrate and optimize your highlights and planograms directly into highly realistic 3D simulations. This makes your interactions all the more powerful.


For each promotion, a detailed and customised merchandising guide is automatically generated on site: you ensure the conformity of the deployment by the teams.

Operational efficiency

Convince brands easily, by projecting them into your recurring or seasonal operations in store: from concept to reality.


Visualize and adapt on site, thanks to simple and intuitive functions, the planograms recommended by the headquarters. Your sales representatives are making the difference.

Customer benefits

Solve most Trade-Marketing issues and optimize your revenues

If two products have the same characteristics, the one that generates emotions will be chosen.

Nancy Duarte


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