Immersive interactive digitale experience

Klee 3D allows interactive design agencies to create digital brand immersion.
Agencies can create interactive store concepts that enhance their clients projects that can be shown to clients and convince easily.

The solution allows to create virtual store in real time. Objects can be imported directly from widespread solution like 3DS Max or Maya that are used by most 3D graphic designers. They’re simply placed by drag & drop. Every lighting, shadow, textures and shaders are rendered in real time. Modifications can be made easily at any moments of the validation process.

Klee 3D is available on most devices (smartphone, tablet, pc) for an immersive view of your projects. It will make you gain time and facilitate your sales to FCMG manufacturers and retailers.




Productivity benefits thanks to a state of the art solution

Answers to the business needs of the consumer goods market

Commandez votre cardboard

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The Klee 3D solution is available in the form of evolutive all-included subscription

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