By Jean Denoy

In an ever more competitive marketplace, brands must invest in tools that can drive sales and help them differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Digital takes an increased place in the marketing and sales strategy, in any sectors : food and beverage, cosmetics, retail, textile, luxury. One such technology is 3D Virtualisation and VR.

The last few years brought new concepts in retail such as omnichannel, connected objects, interactives kiosks, click and collect or connected screens, as well as virtual reality. What was thought of as a gadget with no real world use is now a powerfull marketing and B-to-B sales tool.

Large companies are using Klee 3D everyday to dynamise their distribution networks, for the following reasons:

  • The immersion brings product to life and showcase the brand identity to retailers.
  • An improved customer experience enhance your offers.
  • An innovation that make choices easier and fasten the sales cycle.
  • Sales negociation based on an attractive projection to clients that generate additional sales (up-selling, cross-selling).
  • Point of sales animation immediatly with a tablet or smartphone.
  • Real-time monitoring of campaigns and adoption rate in store.

If you want to establish a win-win relationship between suppliers and retailers in order to win market share, Klee 3D is the right tool for you.

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