Augmented Reality can improve the user experience in retail, increasing fidelity and seduction.

A survey at CES at Las Vegas shows, “ 88% of people surveyed in BtoB are more likely to order after using a VR or AR application.”

Augmented Reality is the bridge between virtual and real that offers many opportunities accross the retail sector: food, cosmetics, fashion, cosmetics…

Klee3D provides VR and AR technologies for retailers that project products, in-store promotion and planograms in real life..

Use case:

The companyPepsico uses Klee 3D on the field for merchandising and category management.

Augmented Reality is still new to consumers but the success of Pokemon Go showcases it’s wide appeal. Now, several business use are taken into account in BtoB.

What is augmented reality?

AR  is a technology that supplemente a live video with virtual 3D objects.

Klee3d offers new VR & AR solutions for retailers that will redefine the benefits of 3D store solution in BtoB.

What benefits can retailers gain from Augmented Reality?

  1. Anticipate future trends in retail
  2. Realistic simulation of a new element ou in-store advertising inside a real store
  3. Differentiation from the competition
  4. Greater customers engagement
  5. Virtual reality reduce incertainty over the final disposition of products
  6. Collect data : Every customers interaction within the AR interface are monitored to better understand your customers.

Augmented Reality is quickly taking a greater place in the retail industry.

Retailers will orient themselves towards these applications in order to capitalize on this changes.

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