Klee 3d offers an immersive experience in a virtual store for sales that help you bring your products, planograms and in-store ads to life.

Your contact can then interact directly with your products and move around the sales area.

A virtual showroom

Klee 3d virtual environments allow you to work on multiple concepts without going through the costly step of physical mock-ups.

This virtual showroom allows you to visualize as many shelves and products as needed depending on the store. Then you can easily simulate different merchandising, packaging and trade marketing options…

You can also integrate your planograms and present them in 3D in an attractive way.

Klee 3D : A mobile VR solution

Klee 3d Player runs on the Cloud and is available everywhere on iOS, Android, PC and Mac.

Work closely with retailers by helping them plan their sales actions in total immersion in their sales area.
Test Klee 3D for free – DEMO is the password.

The Klee 3D Team

Commandez votre cardboard


Essayez « K3D Player » pour une immersion mobile, avec ou sans votre cardboard.

Tarifs des packs K3D

La solution K3D est proposée sous la forme de packs d’abonnements évolutifs tout en un

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